Monday, July 6, 2015

Lion's Club Camp. .

I wish I could bottle up every squeal of excitement had when meeting all of the campers yesterday!! That's exactly how we know that he was ready for this.

We arrived at the 'pick-up' spot, checked in, and had some breakfast before loading our camper on the bus. He was high-fiving everyone, and in Carson fashion, eye balled one little cute girl ;)

It was truly amazing to see the friendships these children make with one another. Many were returning campers. .it's like an instant family. No tears were shed from anyone :)

Personally, I felt a sense of relief. My non-verbal, completely dependent child has the chance to go to a camp where they meet every single need he has! A camp for him to be able to make friends, have fun with minimal to no obstacles, and just be a kid.

Definitely a highlight that we didn't know existed when we entered the 'special need' world, but so very thankful for the Lion's Club!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Time For Camp. .

We returned from our awesome beach vacation to pack another suitcase and send Carson off to camp!

His very 1st sleep away camp!!

We've been counting down the days with him and re-assuring him of all the fun he will have. Beau and I are so excited that he gets this opportunity to make new friends and have activities geared just for him! 

Here's a pic of Carson trying out his flashlight for the nighttime nature walks  

And, his trusty Bubby will be going to camp with him!! This bear was a gift from his baby shower. It was in NICU with him, he's always slept with it, and it's been with him through every surgery. Bubby has gone on every vacation with us, as well. Oh, if Bubby could talk!

Day On The Boat. .

Can you tell we love a good boat ride?! Carson thinks it's the coolest thing, and Bray seems to always take a good snooze. 

I guess there's something peaceful about the hum of a motor and wind in your hair. 

We went to Scallop Cove. AMAZING!! We saw so many sea turtles and toot a loos. I would have loved to give me hand at snorkeling for scallops, but time got away from us. The water was beautiful and so clear. Just beautiful!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Week Off. .

Well, technically, we are taking 2 weeks off of summer school and therapy, but only one of them involves being on the beaches of Florida. 

This year, we changed it up a bit, and came to Port St. Joe. It's very quiet and secluded. .a little too secluded.  I guess Seaside has me spoiled with everything in walking/bike riding distance. But, I quickly got over that ;)

Something about having a beach all to yourself is AMAZING! And, seashells - hello, seashell alley!! 

The house we are at has the best back porch overlooking the beach, and big enough where the boys can go to town in the gait trainers. Sleep has been magical so far ;)

I'm so blessed that we are able to keep adding new experiences to Carson and Bray's lives. They surely know what vacation is all about ��

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pre-K Grad & 2nd Grader!!

So proud of Braylon on a great school year. He went from being glued to my hip to being in a classroom for a full day. Helps that we had the dynamic duo of teachers working with him, too.

He'll spend another (maybe 2) year in pre-school. I'm excited to see what next school year holds.

I cannot believe this kid will be going to the 2nd grade!! These years are flying by. We are so proud of you, Carson Paul. This has definitely been a year where both kiddos have come out of their shell a little more and we couldn't be happier.

Tiger Camp. .


Carson had an absolute blast, and was so upset when it was over. His buddies were so great with him, and will more than likely, get him next year too!

Each day after drop off, they had breakfast and loaded the buses. They went to the Zoo, Aquarium, Global Wildlife, Laser Tag, Bounce Place, Storyville, Swamp Tour and Children's Museum. Then on Friday, they ended with a big Carnival Party out at the Dental School.

So, so amazing, and so blessed that Carson was able to be a part of it!

And, this is how Carson looked every evening during dinner..


~ Heart & Sole Prom ~

Saturday night was just magical. Between the kids walking down the red carpet while parent's had their camera ready, to the music being at the perfect volume. .perfectly thought out!

It's safe to say that all parent's had just as much fun as the children!! It's one of those nights some of us thought would never happen until a therapy center decided to change all that.

Big thanks to TLC - Therapeutic Learning Center for hosting & WDSU for airing a segment!