Friday, May 1, 2015

Our Little Athlete. .

It's no new news that Braylon loves to be on the go. Others can vouch that he will get pretty upset when he stops. He has been doing so awesome in his gait trainer and learning how to maneuver around.

I decided it was time to sign him up for a Fun Run!! My good friend puts on an annual 5K to raise money for PWS. Her sweet little man, Cade, was diagnosed shortly after he was born. In a nutshell, Cade never feels full. The money she raises from this event goes to research in hopes that a cure will be found and these kids can live life FULL :)

Although our kids have different dx, we still walk the same path of being a special needs parent. Even better is the fact that she pushes him like I push my own kids. We are their biggest cheerleaders and will do anything and everything to make their lives better. Love having her as a friend!!

So, Bray and I signed run for him, 5k for me. He did great! No, he didn't do the entire 1/2 mile, but he did some of it. We would have been out there all day, but you gotta start somewhere!! We are going to work more on this, and I hope that he'll turn into my little running man. Nothing cuter than a gait trainer whipping past you :)

Can't Wait For Summer!!

As I sit here and sort out our summer schedule, I can't help but have a smile on my face and happy tears in my eyes. Never did I think our calendars would be full of things other than therapy sessions and doctor appointments. This busy is one that we are welcoming with open arms.

Carson is going to have so many new experiences this summer!! Now that he is 8, he's eligible to attend more functions. Don't worry, Bray is perfectly content on my hip, and having sole attention.

One of those being, Tiger Camp. This is a camp for Special Needs Children hosted by LSUNOLA. One of our baseball buddies told us all about it, and we were sure to have our paperwork ready when the time came and crossed our fingers. We received his acceptance letter and the itinerary this week. OMG...Carson is going to have a BLAST!!!  

Another acceptance letter we received this week was to Lion's Club Camp. This is a sleep-away camp, Yes, you read that correctly. How much fun is that?!? An entire week of fun activities, no parent's, and no baby brother. Hmmm..maybe I'll stick a go-pro on him to see his excitement, and see how he interacts with all the other kids ;)

The dates aren't set for Special Olympics Camp just yet, but that will be something he and Bray will take part in. It's a chance to work and practice in each of the sports. We know Carson loves baseball, and I'm thinking Bray will take to track and swimming. TEAM LAMBERT!! 

Carson has been loving his weekly Art Class. They are getting him to feel different textures and really use his hands more and more. I told him that he could pick 2 sessions for the summer. He chose Canvas Week and Clay Week. This momma is ready to have her walls decorated with Picasso Carson's masterpieces!!

Somewhere in all of this, they still have ESY and weekly therapy sessions. And, thankfully, we have some pretty amazing therapists who know these experiences are so important and don't mind missed sessions. .they just want pictures and details.

Yep, I think this summer will be one for the books!! Let the countdown begin. .

Monday, April 6, 2015

Park Fun!!

We have been loving the weather, and taking full use of the park!! Not only is it fun, but we've been using some therapy skills out there :)

Bray has been walking and exploring every inch of the park! It's been so fun watching him. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Outside Fun!

We finally had some amazing weather and took full advantage of it! Carson recently received his AmTryke Bike, and we took it to the street! 

So, his bike has a handle where we can push and give some assistance, but he can also access the pedals. Carson definitely tries, but this is still really new, and he's adjusting :)

We strapped Carson in his bike, and Braylon in his gait trainer then took off around the neighborhood. Bray walked the entire circle, and Carson held on to the steering bar and directed his bike.

It took us about an hour, but they did it! Very blessed for the family time - the giggles, screaming (they were happy screams), smiles, etc...priceless!

Pushing It In Therapy. .

I'm happy to report that Braylon is once again rolling (since his extended casting times).  We were able to take that goal off the list and add another one. .walking with more independence.

Seems easy since he loves to be on the go, but it proved to be a little harder than we initially thought.  His PT's placed him in a harness and hooked him up the treadmill. Don't get me wrong, he did well, but you notice how much support his gait trainer really does give him.

That's great and all, but it's time to start pushing him a little harder to build trunk support. He did 10 minutes before getting pooped out. 

If you know Braylon, you know that he tends to get a bit frustrated when he struggles at things - blessing and a curse. This little push will only drive him harder, and I'm confident that his walking will only get stronger :)

Mardi Gras Madness. .

Little man was asked to be a


in the Krewe of Pre-K!

Absolutely! We even themed his float and outfit from the theme of the school year... SUPER HEROES!

Carson's Miracle League was asked to be the Grand Marshall in

Krewe of Mardi Paws!

If you have never been to that one, I suggest you go - SO CUTE!!

He and his teammates had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect.

Needless to say, our Mardi Gras season was packed with events, but we wouldn't have it any other way. The expressions on C & B's face were worth it!

Bayou Children's Museum. .

A few weeks ago, out local Children's Museum had a Special Needs Morning. 

We had a blast!

There were other kids there, but it wasn't packed, and the boy's were able to get around in their gait trainers fairly easy.

Can't wait until the next one!!