Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Parent / Teacher Night. .

I knew 1st grade was going to be a day by day thing, and that we would have to adjust Carson's schedule accordingly. We actually did just that on the 2nd day of school. Carson was the most excited about the change. .and that's what counts :)

So, like always for Parent/teacher night, you find out the new changes for that school year, meet everybody, then head to your child's classroom to really get to know the teacher. Well, Carson isn't with the actual 1st grade teacher for too long out of the day. This is the first year C has moved up and we didn't know who the teacher would be. 

So, we went to the first grade class, sat in their little desks and was able to view some of the material they would be learning throughout the year. In that instance, Carson's delay hit me. He's out of the 'center time' and on to the big leagues. I looked at my husband, and could tell he saw it too. 


I'm pretty sure my mind shut off somewhere in the short presentation. Honestly, I felt like we didn't belong (and, no, they didn't make me feel that way...the seasoned teachers know who C is and have seen his accomplishments). We introduced ourselves to his actual teacher, and just let her know that I would help in any way. 

As soon as we left, my husband said he didn't want to go to one of those again - I was thinking the same thing.  We shall see. 

I can say that we ended the night on a good note - date night! We had to remind ourselves that something will remind of us our kid's delays everyday..we have to look past it and remind ourselves of how far they have come. 

Always focus on the positive!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge. .

Last night, I swore I would take no part in the ice bucket challenge if I were to be called out.

One of my sole sista's called us out, and we couldn't leave her hanging. BUT, we didn't donate to ALS. .we donated to a local family near and dear to our heart. So, I can totally scratch that off my list. 


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not So Good Scan...

Let's get right to it. .

Carson's right hip is not looking good, at all. It was definitely not the news I was expecting to hear at our recent appointment at Shriner's. Especially since the last scan taken 6 months ago showed perfect development. 

While lying on his back with legs straight out, his right hip is out of socket by 40%, and his right socket has less of a curve to it than it had before. So, what do we do?!

Well, given that this was his first 'off' scan, and the fact that this summer's surgery had all therapies on hold, the doctor is going to give us some time to see if we can correct it. (40% is when they consider it time for surgery) She gave us some braces that he will wear at night, we have to be more mindful of the way he sits, and we have to push him more at weight bearing. Plus, we will be hitting horse therapy harder than ever!

The bracing at night is going well. Weight bearing gets better each day - he's back to trying to take a step on his own :)

The doctor and I feel confident that we will be able to correct this issue, and that we can avoid surgery. I sure hope so! Something about an 8 week body cast doesn't sit well with me. Im praying that when we go back in February we will have a good scan.

Monday, August 4, 2014

I wasn't too happy when we were told that our church parish would be getting a new priest. Father Clyde has been there for so long, and has seen me grow from high school grad to becoming a special needs momma.  He news my family and always wanted to know the latest with the boys. 

We had recently received a new associate pastor. Honestly, I'm not a fan. We have a bit of a language barrier, and I like to hear how I can apply the readings to everyday life. I just wasn't getting anything out of mass when he was there. 

On to the new guy, Father Joey.  LOVE HIM! He's real..down to earth..personable..easy to understand. I had a few tears last night during the homily.  I could place myself in the story he was telling. Not only did I hear his homily..I felt it (he's 2 for 2 in that department) My husband even walked out saying how much he enjoyed mass! 

I look forward to mass now and getting to know Father Joey. Sadly, I haven't said that in a really long time.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

If Carson could tell me something. .

Dear Summer,

I'm over you! My little bro has been driving me bonkers - scoots next to me when we're on the floor, grabbing the iPad when I'm trying to play my game, coming into my room, and so much more!  Did I mention how loud he is?! He even talks in his sleep!!

Mom told me I wasn't being a nice big brother when she came in my room and I had him pinned in my closet...or, that time I put the basketball net on his his head. It wasn't my fault he pulled the net down over his head! I tried to help her with house cleaning, but she wasn't amused when I started pulling clothes out of my drawer and throwing them on the floor. If she only knew I heard her laughing in the other room. 

And what's with brother taking up floor space? I'm trying to practice my walking! Mom just doesn't get it. She thought the floor divider from the hallway to the bathroom would stop me from coming in. I don't get privacy from my bro, she doesn't get privacy trying to get ready. 

We've been doing this whole 'countdown to school starting' thing. It's still too long. .i think mom is adding days. I want my friends! I need to get out of this house! Where's my bus?!? 

Hurry up!!

Love, Carson Paul

P.S. Mom said something about brother joining me at school. She can't be serious...can she?!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's Just A Wheelchair!

                                  A disability is a part of you. .it should never define you!

                                       P.S Bray is getting a shirt, but it's a bit different :) 

LOL, God :)

Bray needed his own feeding post ;)

I can picture God having a giggle when he blessed us with Bray. Or, maybe more like saying, you thought a disability would rock your world...wait until you meet this strong willed child! 

Seriously, I find myself saying, 'good one, God!' multiple times a day. In the course of a day (literally), Bray decided that he was going to eat off the spoon. 

If you recall the many struggles, looking out of state for therapists, countless hours of therapy. You name it, we tried it. Nothing was clicking. 

Now, you would swear we never had a problem! He's on stage 2 foods and eats like he hasn't had food in days. We are still doing feeding clinic once a week in NOLA, and even our therapist is shocked.  We are now working on weaning him from the bottle to a sippy, but that isn't a huge concern for us. THE KID IS SPOON FEEDING!! She's also working on adding a little bit more of texture (mashed avocado and mashed banana) to the food. 

We are learning that he isn't a fan of texture, yet. We'll get there, but if I have to purée food be it! He's also not a fan of cold food like yogurt.