Monday, April 21, 2014

We're Feeding Him What?!

Today was stressful.

I sat in feeding clinic with Bray and wondered will he ever start eating solid food?! We are literally taking the same thing that is in his bottle (vanilla pediasure + stage 2 bananas) and putting it on a spoon - nothing!

We still have some options on the list to try, but so far we have had little response. With everything, you have your good days and your bad days. Once you've tried something for an extended period of time and have more bad days than good...time to change it up.

So, we know that Bray has some pretty serious sensory issues. We're starting to address those. The biggest being routine - mainly bedtime routine. No TV, music, playing, etc. while getting ready for bed.   Kiddo is so easily distracted and the slightest thing stimulates him.

We are trying something new in the food department, as well. Siracha Hot Sauce! Yes, you read correctly.
   Back note: Bray's bottle has to be heated up for 40 seconds before he'll even think about drinking it.                                          It's oddly hot for a bottle, but that's the only way we can get him to take it!I

In some cases, certain kids have a taste for extreme foods! Siracha is better to try since it's an instant hot and doesn't linger. Who knows..maybe he likes his food spicy, and he's tired of getting these old bland bananas! I can only hope :)

I'm really hoping that I can read back on these posts soon and just the moment, I feel I could rip my hair out!

1/2 Marathon Bucket List. .

I'm pretty sure my 1/2 marathon 'bucket list' will get crossed off quicker than my life bucket list.

Jazz 1/2

Gulf Coast Pensacola 1/2

Gulf Coast Mandeville 1/2

Gulf Coast Gulf Shores 1/2

Rock N Roll 1/2

St. Jude 1/2

Women's 1/2

Louisiana 1/2

Zydeco 1/2

Seaside 1/2

I'm hoping by the end of next year, I'll have majority of these crossed off my list. Who knows...maybe then, a 1/2 marathon won't be as scary to me and I'll consider doing a full marathon ;)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pensacola 1/2

I've complete my 1/2 Marthon #2!!! It was an amazing weekend with the girls. We all had personal goals, and we were all there to support one another. 

I finished my first race with a time of 3:17. I was determined to finish this one under 3 hours...really wanting 2:45. As beautiful as the day was, it was also hot! No shade on the route and it was windier than I hoped. By mile 6 I was asking myself why I choose to do this to myself! Haha Popped some chews and had a swig of water...hello, second burst of energy. That got me to mile 10. When I tell you I literally yelled at myself you have a 5k left...FINISH STRONG! My body was done. My hands were cramping, my stride had turned to baby steps. 

Then, the perfect song started playing - Quitters. That was my push to the finish line. As I crossed I saw 2:45 on the time clock. Yes! Later on I looked at official chip time..2:43 ;)

I'm taking this week off, but plan to start back in training mode next week!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lunch Dates!

With all of these trips to NOLA, it's only right to try out new restaurants in my fave district - Uptown! This area is beautiful - nice park, quaint places to eat, great shopping, the hospital we have therapy off, we can take nice strolls. 

My sister and I have made it a point to try a new place on our Monday therapy days. One week, we met at Rum salsa was delish!! Last week, she picked up sushi and fresh fruit and salad at Whole Foods for a picnic. Then, today, we made our way to District Donuts. She had an oyster sandwich and I had shrimp. .both very good. We couldn't leave there without getting a couple gourment donuts - heaven!! Can't wait to cross more places off our list.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Developments...

 Lots of new things have been going on in the Lambert household.  First off, Carson has been sitting independently for longer stretches (especially at school - YAY! He's come so far in that area. 
Secondly, we've noticed him really trying to express himself. He's not as hesitant if he wants something or is all done.  We're still waiting for our loaner AAC device, but I can't wait to see him really start communicating. This has been a HUGE development! 

With all of these new 'independent' steps...frustration/aggravation is popping up. Thankfully, we've never really dealt with C getting frustrated or throwing a temper tantrum due to lack of mobility or understanding. Now, he is starting to see and feel what it's like to break loose from the wheelchair....he loves it. On the flip side, he isn't quite ready to ditch it all together. I have a great feeling that that day will come. His PIC at school is an amazing motivator ;)


Me. Bray has us keeping us on the road. Feeding Clinic has been going well, but little man has a ways to go. We are in Phase #1 of the Elimination Diet. Long story short, we are trying to decipher if it's the spoon causing the aversion or the actual baby food.  So......yep, that's where we stand on that. 

And, if you know me well, you know hat I try to make every outing fun. So, Bray and I have enjoyed many walks through Audubon Park, lunch outside and a few with my sister and my 4-legged nephew ;) Summer heat is right around the corner....trying to soak up all the nice weather beforehand. 

Bray is also doing amazingly well in therapy and gets better at his separation anxiety from me everyday.  Seriously, it was that bad! Did I mention that he has his brother's old gait trainer - fun times!!



Monday, March 17, 2014


What a weekend!! 

We started with celebrating Carson's birthday..camping out style! We made treats for the birds, roasted marshmallows for s'mores, and enjoyed beautiful weather with the best of friends!! Pics to come..

Saturday night, My mom and I headed to NOLA for the Italian-American parade and dinner with my aunt and uncle. Interesting parade, and a great night with the fam :)

Sunday was supposed to be a date day for Beau and I - brunch at Cristiano's.  He had a bit more up his sleeve. My closest friends and family surprised me for my big 3-0! It was the best moment ever and a reminder of how blessed I am :) I'm still in a bit of shock that no one spilled the beans since I see most of these people on a daily basis. 

I don't think I can thank them enough for a fabulous weekend and great memories. Thank you for taking time out of your day and spending it with me! 

Now, today, is my sweet Carson's birthday. Oh, how that little man makes me so happy. It's funny how every emotion, smell and sound from the hospital come back to me on this day. His love for life is contagious. Mom and dad love you more than you know!! Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Geaux Cubs!!

My favorite time of year is approaching - Miracle League Baseball!!  Not only do we have the best team, but our kids are so close. 

Seeing their faces, hearing them cheer each other doesn't get much better! And, the baseball momma's, well, we are loud and proud. As any mom should be. I'm so fortunate New Orleans offers this opportunity (Hey Houma, time to step it up!) and that Carson loves playing! 

We'll see how he feels next season when little brother is out there :)