Thursday, February 19, 2015

When A Door Closes, Look For A Window. .

Note to myself: TRUST HIM!!

I have come across a few things that could take our boys to the the next level. Conductive Ed being the major one. It's truly amazing, expensive, and not local. My heart says that this is the next step for Carson and Bray. 

I was looking at one location, in particular, when another location (a tad closer) popped up. Called and was informed that she traveled to you!! A sign, to me, that this was meant for us to bring in our lives. Cost, and her comfort to stay in our house?! Well, if you've seen our's cozy.  I lie..WE are too much for this house ��!! 

As much as I want certain things for our boys, I have to be realistic. We are keeping in contact, and she's filling me in on things I can change to push them a bit more. I took her not being able to come here a blow, but I have to remember that it goes by His timing. .not mine. 

In the meantime, I started looking up local camps. Being as we have many NOLA friends, they are filling me in on the good stuff :) Applications are filled out for a few NOLA camps, Carson is signed up for a local 2 week camp (may turn into a 4 week camp if he likes it), and he's on the list to be evaluated for another 2 week camp. And, these camps aren't all fun and games...they incorporate therapy and hard work. 

Between camps, ESY, and our planned vaca. .I'm looking forward to this summer. 

What about Bray?! Well, little man is a tad young for those camps, but I am looking for him :) And, while BIG bro is out doing his thing...we'll have adventures of our own. Plus, he will be doing ESY, as well :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dump Trucks & Excavators. .

Have I mentioned how AMAZING Miracle League of NOLA is?! We have made some awesome friends, and love spending time with all of them. One of our dads always has something up his sleeve. He wants our kids to experience EVERYTHING! 
This outing was dump trucks and excavators. The company did a phenomenal job accommodating our kids and giving them an incredible experience. 
The below pic is just a portion of our friends! So blessed to be a part of this :)

A Bike for Carson. .

A few weeks ago, Carson's therapist wanted to try him on a bike. He attempted to push the petals a couple of times - which was awesome for the first time! She then mentioned how it was time to get him his own. 

I was a little shocked that she made it sound so easy. These bikes are very pricey and some kids are on a list for awhile before receiving one. Well, a non-profit organization had given Ochsner rehab a donation to be used specifically for getting these kids a bike!
I received a phone call on Tuesday from the president of that organization....Carson's bike is ordered and should be here just in time for his 8th birthday!! Of course I had lots of happy tears. This is another step on the road to independence. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Little Change...

I can't even put to words how proud I am of Carson and Braylon lately. Rules have become a bit more strict in our household. 

For example, Braylon knows how to walk and use his gait trainer. So now, he walks to classroom...walks the halls to where his therapy is. He's doing so awesome!!

And Carson..well, he has to sit like a big boy if he wants the television to stay on. No more easy watching from the couch. 

I'm so proud at how they have adapted to these changes. Every week, we are adding in new "challenges" in hopes to make them more independent. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Clean Bill of Health. .

There are times I wonder if all of therapy we do is working. Are the kids getting anything from it? Is it helping?! To say our schedule is hectic would be an understatement, and all of this traveling gets exhausting.

When I'm, literally, at the end of my ropes is when I ask God to help me get through one more day. Shame on me for only going to Him in the very best of times and the times I'm at the end of my rope...I should go to Him everyday. It is then, that I see a little spark of something new. Maybe it's Carson taking an extra step with no assistance, or Braylon cracking up at himself in the mirror, or simply that a therapist needed to cancel that day.

In most cases, it's small changes. Believe you me, we'll take them! In some cases, it's a HUGE sigh of relief!

Carson and Bray had an appointment at Shriner's yesterday. This appointment has had my stomach in knots. At our last appointment, Carson's hips were dislocating 60% - exactly when they start discussing surgery. Given that Carson had had a major surgery that involved a lengthy casting period prior to this appt., they gave us time to get back in our regular routine. So, yesterday was the big day! Had 6 months in our regular routine worked?!

YES! The NP came in and said that Carson's hips were down to 25% dislocation and that the socket was curved as it should be (there was little to no curving prior). Talk about a weight lifted. .and some happy tears.

All of his hard work had paid off, and the red flag was no longer flying on his chart. Horse back riding, standing independently, sleeping with braces on legs and a wedge in between, making sure legs don't cross, sitting a certain way, etc. had all worked! Thank.You.Jesus.

They are still monitoring them like usual, but they are no longer an immediate concern. Also, C's spine had a slight curve last time....not anymore :)

Braylon Thomas had a clean bill of health, as well. Spine is perfectly straight and hips are aligned! He did come home with some leg splinting to wear at night, but it's only for precautionary reasons.

Note to myself: You will not always see the changes from therapy, but it is helping them.

Monday, January 19, 2015

4. .

1st Birthday

                                                                        2nd Birthday
                                                                          3rd Birthday

We celebrated Mardi Gras style - beautiful weather, fabulous friends and family, and yummy food. Happy Birthday to the kid that can drive me absolute bananas one minute, and give me lots of kisses the next. We love you so much, kiddo!!

Whole 30. .

At the end of last year, my sole sisters and I were talking about changing up our diet. It's so much easier when you have a group that holds you accountable! So, we decided to do Whole 30 . . we aren't diet crazy. .we needed a lifestyle change.

Is it hard?
 Nope - as long as you prepare. I knew that my hubby wouldn't be all in for this change. So, I take meals that I was already preparing and make it whole30 approved for me.

Ex: I already made our pasta sauce from scratch. Surprisingly, changing up a couple of ingredients made it whole 30. He likes noodles. .no biggie to cook. I like spaghetti squash or zoodles. .again, no biggie to cook. 

I have made a few new meals that have been AMAZING!!! This change is something that I've needed to do, and now that I have my girls to share recipes with, it's been that much better!

Not to mention our monthly cooking days! So much fun!!