Tuesday, July 29, 2014

If Carson could tell me something. .

Dear Summer,

I'm over you! My little bro has been driving me bonkers - scoots next to me when we're on the floor, grabbing the iPad when I'm trying to play my game, coming into my room, and so much more!  Did I mention how loud he is?! He even talks in his sleep!!

Mom told me I wasn't being a nice big brother when she came in my room and I had him pinned in my closet...or, that time I put the basketball net on his his head. It wasn't my fault he pulled the net down over his head! I tried to help her with house cleaning, but she wasn't amused when I started pulling clothes out of my drawer and throwing them on the floor. If she only knew I heard her laughing in the other room. 

And what's with brother taking up floor space? I'm trying to practice my walking! Mom just doesn't get it. She thought the floor divider from the hallway to the bathroom would stop me from coming in. Not.so.much. I don't get privacy from my bro, she doesn't get privacy trying to get ready. 

We've been doing this whole 'countdown to school starting' thing. It's still too long. .i think mom is adding days. I want my friends! I need to get out of this house! Where's my bus?!? 

Hurry up!!

Love, Carson Paul

P.S. Mom said something about brother joining me at school. She can't be serious...can she?!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's Just A Wheelchair!

                                  A disability is a part of you. .it should never define you!

                                       P.S Bray is getting a shirt, but it's a bit different :) 

LOL, God :)

Bray needed his own feeding post ;)

I can picture God having a giggle when he blessed us with Bray. Or, maybe more like saying, you thought a disability would rock your world...wait until you meet this strong willed child! 

Seriously, I find myself saying, 'good one, God!' multiple times a day. In the course of a day (literally), Bray decided that he was going to eat off the spoon. 

If you recall the many struggles, looking out of state for therapists, countless hours of therapy. You name it, we tried it. Nothing was clicking. 

Now, you would swear we never had a problem! He's on stage 2 foods and eats like he hasn't had food in days. We are still doing feeding clinic once a week in NOLA, and even our therapist is shocked.  We are now working on weaning him from the bottle to a sippy, but that isn't a huge concern for us. THE KID IS SPOON FEEDING!! She's also working on adding a little bit more of texture (mashed avocado and mashed banana) to the food. 

We are learning that he isn't a fan of texture, yet. We'll get there, but if I have to purée food forever...so be it! He's also not a fan of cold food like yogurt. 


Always look for the positive. .

I was reading Carson's latest evaluation from therapy - taking steps without a harness, standing for 20+ minutes while holding onto rail! sitting independly, attempting to feed himself, etc..  That was right before summer, and right before his thumb surgery. 

Now, 1 week post cast removal, he is struggling in some of those areas. We are working on building back up those leg muscles, and helping him regain his balance skills for sitting. Don't get me wrong, he's doing amazing!

We know this surgery had to be done, it truly makes a world of difference! It's also an awakening as to how much he was doing prior.  And, I know, our countdown to school is pushing him to get back where he was :)

Then, I started thinking about all the accomplishments he has made this summer - the biggest being his eating habits. Carson has graduated from mashed foods to us being able to simply cut his food in small bites! That's huge!!

He's had his first (well, now many) almond butter and jelly sandwich, grilled chicken dipped in ketchup (thanks Nanny & Uncle T), hot dog from Dat Dog, crawfish with all the boiled veggies and dip, pancakes and syrup, etc..

It's truly remarkable, and much easier for Beau and I. Now, it's ok if we don't pack him his meals because we can get him something off the menu. So much more variety for him!! So, where some milestones lacked, others flourished! For that, we are so thankful!!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Storyland Party!

We had an absolute blast at Parker's birthday party!! The rain held out, there was a slight breeze and Carson tried out lots of rides. Story land is so cute, and we will definitely be going back...when it cools off a bit more. 


It's safe to say that the parents had as much fun as the kiddos. So glad Shane held it together on the roller coaster!! Ha! It was so fun to see Carson riding rides with his friends, and just all having fun together. Happy Birthday, Parker!!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cast is OFF!!!

Its been a long 6 weeks since Carson's thumb surgery. But alas, he had his cast taken off today :) My hubby stayed with him during the removal process. .meanwhile, I was with Bray for his 3 week post-op. So, he has a splint to wear at night, but other than that, he's clear to do his usual activities!! Now the countdown until Bray gets his cast off. T-3 weeks...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trying out a new recipe. .

Cloudy, rainy days are great cooking days. I'm very thankful for the fact that my husband makes it possible for me to stay home with the boys. 

Like most people, I have a thousand recipes pinned on my Pinterest board. Well, I'm giving one whirl today. This morning, my MIL dropped off two boxes of cooking pears from her tree. I have one batch peeled, cut and cooking on the stove now. Didn't realize how time consuming peeling pears would be! 

Carson LOVES spiced apples, so this batch is for him. Homemade spiced pears :). If they come out like I hope, I plan on making spiced pear pie. 

If I'm really good. .I may be able to have done in time for the crab boil tonight. I better get to peeling...