Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No More Rat Race. .

This school year has been rough for Carson. There are certain times when change is inevitable, and I try to prep him for as much as I can. Most times, he gets in the groove after a few weeks, but that hasn't been the case this year.

His classification changed.

His teacher changed.

His classmates changed.

His expectations changed.

That's a whole lot of change for C. Unless something is truly harming him, we stick things out. Let's face it, life is full of things we don't like or don't want to do, but you have to learn to deal with it at certain times.

We keep encouraging him, and reassuring him that he can make it to May. I'm telling you..he used to be awake and excited before anyone in the house. He would get so excited when I would ask if he was ready to go see his friends. Not anymore. Most days he won't be awake, and if he is, he isn't too excited.

We have tried different things with him, but he just doesn't like his class. And, if it would only be for this one year, we wouldn't be as adamant on changes as we have been. He'll be in that class for the next 4 years. It's severe/profound class. Cue in mom and dad.

There are certain things I find more important - feeding himself, walking, making choices, etc - than, let's say, knowing that the circle is blue. Which is going to be more beneficial in 10 years?! 

On top of all of this, he'll be undergoing hip surgery in early fall. It will be out of town and quite extensive. So, for next school year, he'll be placed on homebound.

Basically, homeschool, but he will still receive services from the special ed department at home. It will give me the chance to work more closely with him in those certain areas, and not have to worry with the hustle and bustle of getting to school. I'm excited for the change and very happy that I have the support from his doctors and therapists!

Here's to being a homeschool momma :) No, Braylon will not be home schooled. He's doing amazingly well in pre-k with his teacher, and we are looking forward to another year with her!

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