Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer. .


Carson's kicking off summer with one of his favorite camps. He was so excited to see David (one of his counselors from last year) that he nearly jumped out of his wheelchair. I have no doubt that this will be an amazing week. 

While Carson and I tackle the early morning rides to NOLA, Beau is making sure Bray makes it to school for his last week. I'm excited that, hopefully, Bray will be able to partake in this amazing camp next year :)


This camp has been talked about throughout Miracle League, so I knew we had to give it a try. It certainly did not disappoint, and will be on our list every summer from here on out! This was a sleep away camp (C did Lion's Sleep Away Camp last year and really enjoyed we added a few more this summer). Not only was his counselor ready and so welcoming, but we were able to see some of our friends from Miracle League. 

A week of paddle boating, swimming, horse back riding, making new friends, etc....PERFECTION!!

While Carson was at camp, Beau, myself and Bray headed to our favorite Memorial Day spot - Seaside, Florida!

The water was crystal clear, the air was hot with little humidity, and we enjoyed some R&R. We missed Carson, but knew he was having a blast from all of the pics they sent. And, it was nice to have that one on one time with Braylon. I know he thoroughly enjoyed it...maybe a little too much!

On our way home from the beach, we picked Carson up. His smile, y'all!! Goodness, that kiddo had so much fun, and the counselors raved how well tempered he was. He gets that from his daddy! We cannot wait until next year's camp!

We got home to, literally, unpack, and pack everything back up for....


Carson, Bray and myself headed to North Louisiana for MedCamp. This was a camp I had seen on a list, but had never heard of anyone going. Thanks to FB and a couple of friends in that area, I quickly learned that this was a camp we must try!

Another winner!!!

They had pretty much the same activities as Dream Street - which is awesome because the kids stay busy all day. Different groups would come out and teach the kids about different things. For instance, one day they had Battle of the Badges.

Firemen vs. Cops

The kids learned all about how each of them help and protect the community, how K-9 dogs are specially trained and help them, etc.

That's only one example, but they had things everyday. It was funny to hear that, from both camps, Carson's favorite thing to do was horseback riding and paddle boating.

Braylon and I hung out at my cousin's house in Shreveport for the week. We go there often for appointments, but it was nice to go and not have a schedule. Just enjoy time together!

Carson was not ready to come home when Friday came. Seriously, if there was an all summer camp, he would be totally fine in attending it!

I am proud to announce that Carson received KING for the week from his peers and counselors.

So, here we are now..back home..back to regular therapies, BUT only for a couple of weeks ;) Carson will be shipping off to his final sleep away camp for the summer very soon.

Until then, we'll enjoy OT, PT, HippoTherapy, some pool time and lunches with friends :)

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