Saturday, August 6, 2016

Surgery Verdict. .


Back story: Last appointment in January, Carson's scans showed that it was time for us to  schedule hip surgery. We had been dodging the ball for quite some time, but the time had come. At that appointment, we opted to wait to schedule in the fall for cooler temps (8 weeks of a near body cast in the dead heat of summer - no thank you). This recent appointment was to re-scan to know exactly what we were dealing with and to schedule hip surgery.

Over the summer, I signed Carson up for Hippotherapy at a new location. I have seen in the past how well it helped, and figured this was our last try at seeing if we could see any type of correction in his hips. <our last facility was nice, but the appointments were hit or miss, and the location was a trip for us>

Back to the appointment. .  

Dr. comes in and asks if we are doing anything new. I fill her in on that we have been doing Hippotherapy as much as we could over the summer. Her reply, 'don't stop...I'm not touching his hips.'

Were his hips perfect -- No, indeed! But, they were better positioned since his last appointment, he was showing no signs of pain, and he was continuing to hit goals. I was completely relieved on hearing the news, and the fact that the risks of surgery far outweighed the benefits at this point.

So, now I'm back to figuring our what to do for Carson as far as school. Good news is that we can basically get back to our regular program called life, and Carson and Bray are signed up for as much Hippotherapy as they can get!!

God is Great - definitely a HUGE blessing that we are completely thankful for!!

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