Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tackling Special Ed. .

Last year was a complete struggle. Carson went from excited and ready to go to rolling his eyes and turning over in the morning. Bribery was in full force. As a mom, I knew a change needed to happen. Unfortunately, they didn't quite happen even though I was told they would. So, after the recent update of no surgery...getting Carson back in school was not something I was looking forward to.

I'm a realistic parent. I care more that Carson will one day feed himself vs. knowing the circle is blue. Communication device - yep, we have a fancy one that attaches right on to his wheelchair! Walker - got one of those, too!! Special Ed hasn't always been difficult to navigate, but once we hit 'severe/profound' status - hello, issues.

To be frank, it's been rather difficult and annoying to express my expectations without someone making a comment about expecting more from my children. Mind you, the ones who have the MOST comments are not at the school everyday, and couldn't pick either one of my children out in a line up. Guess what, peeps, I live this life every. single. day. If you took the time to know me, you would see that I do have high expectations for my children. They just might not align with yours. I'm. OK. with. that. Hence the fact that we are a team.

It just makes for unnecessary stress and bullshit.

Severe/Profound is SO different from our past years, and this momma is still trying to navigate through it. Ex. Say your child has a teacher that they don't click with. Yes, it makes for a long school year, but after that year, it's on to fresh blood. With severe/profound, the child and teacher are together 2nd-6th grade. So, if that first year is rough..........yeah.

Here we are. Day before the 1st day of school, and this momma is nervous as all can be! Carson and I have a meeting with the head of Special Ed plus our teacher. Hopefully (prayers, fingers crossed, positive vibes) we can meet somewhere in the middle and Carson will enjoy school once again.

There are times that we, including my special needs children, have to suck it up. That's life. They have their limit, and I have mine. As far as Carson and school...we are at that limit, and it's time for it to go in Carson's favor.

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