Thursday, August 11, 2016

We Have A. .


Monday morning I met with the head of Special Ed and our teacher..expressed my concerns from last year (you know, the ones that were supposed to be handled then, but never were)

And. .Carson stayed at school.

This year is a bit different since we are re-located to a different school while we get a new school built. Instead of Carson having 4 students in his class (like last year), it's just him and one other.

We should be hitting goals left and right if you ask me.

The other things we changed was the amount of time he would be in his gait trainer. Lunch/Snack/Bathroom are the only times he should be in wheelchair. He's also spending more time with 2nd grade courses - yes, he's a 3rd grader, but that grade is upstairs, and well, that doesn't work for us.

He has been SO happy going to school this week. It's such a nice change from last year, and I'm thinking this should be a great year. I'm glad the head of Special Ed listened to my concerns and made immediate changes - should be a no brainer, but sadly it's not always easy. 

Just waiting, now, for Pre-K to start so I can go back to being that bon bon eating, soap opera, veg on the couch stay home momma! LOL 

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