Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Here's To You, 2016


The year of unexpected/unwanted changes

I honestly didn't think anything good could come after my mom passed in January. I had lost my best friend, supporter, the person I looked up to the most, the person my boys loved. How was life supposed to go on.

It did.

Wasn't easy for sure, but I had a lot to keep me busy. Maybe that was a blessing, maybe it was a curse. I don't think I ever had time to just stop and grieve. That had to take place in between cleaning out my parent's house, or therapy appointments. 

Now that it is December and I can look back, maybe it was more of blessing. I can see how, even though my mom wasn't here physically this year, our family has gone through a lot of good .. I can only believe that she had a hand in it from Heaven.

This holiday season, I find myself wanting to do things like she would do. Maybe for a sense of normalcy. Nothing is the same anymore. We sold the home that held our memories - my parents and our own. And, even though, us selling the only home our children have known was planned and needed, it added another change in this year. 

So now, we start fresh . . in a new home. I'm holding close the traditions my mom passed to me, and praying she continues to guide me through life. 

Here's to a new year - 2017. Regardless of what happens, my faith, family and friends will see me through.

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